"The UrbanFire program series are a global education offered at depression era prices. It will change the course of your life and the lives of your children; if you dare!"

-Katherine D Clark
2009 Graduate

"Urban FIRE not only teaches you the skills you need to start and run a successful business, it also provides you with an opportunity to discover and cultivate your passion. Since 2006, I’ve had the dream of opening a health and wellness retreat center in Costa Rica. During these past three years, I’ve thought a lot about this idea and talked to several people about it, but I haven’t taken any real steps to make my dream a reality. Once I enrolled in Urban FIRE I took the first step towards creating the life I want, I wrote my life plan. Your life plan will be the most important document you write because as Boku says, “Either you are working on your Life Plan, or you are working on someone else’s Life Plan.” Nine months ago, I wrote my life plan and now, nine months later, I’m headed to Costa Rica for two months where I will have the opportunity to manage a yoga studio. It’s true that you’ll learn about profit and loss statements and the difference between an LLC and a sole proprietorship, but most importantly, you’ll learn how to create financial security and live life you want by doing work that is meaningful and important to you."

-Sarah Kurhajetz
2009 Graduate

Our teacher, Boku Kodama, brought his years of entrepreneurial wisdom into every class. His friendly mannerisms created a space of openness among fellow students allowing us to begin the development of an urban, microfarm coop. Suffice it to say, this was not the average business school experience!"

-Heidi Asztalos
2009 Graduate

"Urban FIRE for me was a life saver in more ways than one. Not only did the course help me to understand the dynamics of becoming an entrepreneur, but it gave me a platform to launch my business and pursue my endeavors with confidence. I had the privilege of sharing the class with individuals from all walks of life and an array of talents. Current business owners who decided to fine tune their skills to those who weren't sure what they wanted to do and just needed to be in the atmosphere of creativity - all of whom made for great networking. I recommend that anyone who seriously wants to do something more with life and have a different perspective on business, take this course and go in with an open mind and much enthusiasm!"

-Daaimah Waqia
2009 Graduate

"Urban FIRE 1 gave me the steps and direction to follow what I did not have. Urban FIRE 2 which I really enjoy too - gave me goals to reach and a functional guide for the business. Stand up and go for your future!"

-Andre Keys
2009 Graduate

"I’ve taken entrepreneurship training classes up and down the West Coast because I’m a consultant to small business owners, and it’s important that I’m aware of the resources available. Urban FIRE is simply the best class I’ve ever taken - at any price."

-Dave Dolshaw
2005 Graduate

"Urban Fire's entrepreneurial training class is the perfect launching pad for any would-be entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. It meets you where you're at through a unique, innovative instructional method designed to be understood by the average Joe. It has helped me to sustain my passions, put my life in perspective and realize that my business objectives must go hand in hand and fit into my plan for my life first, and that my business principles must also reflect my life principles...oh, and did I mention we also get taught in a very comfortable, non-intimidating way about the mechanics of running and owning a business as well...great, dynamic, hands-on class for anyone who wants to own a business and can't make it to Harvard Business School..."

-Jonathan Gomwalk
2009 Graduate

"Lots of people have great ideas, but how many of them are able to transform these ideas into successful, lucrative businesses? What I've learned from Urban Fire I and will continue to learn in Urban Fire II is how to do exactly that and, in doing so, create the life that I've always wanted. Among business concepts, I've learned the importance of infusing passion, connectivity, and follow-through in everything that I do and discovering that the universe responds with remarkable clarity... With heartfelt gratitude for teacher and mentor Boku, I'm glad to have witnessed firsthand how local businesses can serve the community while providing lasting, personal fulfillment."

-Leslie Royal
2009 Graduate